Azadeh Gholizadeh
My work is an exploration of being visible and hidden by a veil that is a re-presentation of everything that simultaneously separates the self from the world and introjects the boundaries of the world into the interior of the self.
I use materials such as mirrors, duct tape, plastic, and vinyl to cover or veil the identity of objects and of the self. The veil in my work embodies an intermediate state between masking and display, reality and deceit. It incites our curiosity and eludes direct identification.
Embodied in all of my art works is my interest in paradox: [being] visible and [being] hidden. There is a dialectical relationship between veiling and unveiling; that which covers is capable of uncovering. The veil as something inserted between inside and out creates a distanced perfection, one which ignites our desire and makes use of cunning means: suggestion and ambiguity.
I treat the surface of a canvas as a torn veil with holes and cuts which invites the viewer to the space behind the canvas where the Layers of mirrors and reflective materials occupying the space between the canvas and the wall, create a repetition where the inside is also the outside and where the self is locked within its own reduplicated being. The three dimensionality of the painting throws the reflectivity into doubt and freezes the viewer in a discovery phase. When I become the viewer of my work, I can neither lose nor find myself in my own reflection; rather I am suspended between being simultaneously myself and the other. The subject is one who has no face and whose face exists from the point of view of the others.
This is how I try to discover myself and to make myself visible. I will continue in this practice until I am seen.